X-Custom | Gold LP | Rose Gold Relic


X-Custom is the in-house guitar brand of Mittmost. 

These individual and exclusive guitars are imports that we heavily modify here in our work shop to bring you a unique and incredibly playable budget guitar.

This “Rose Gold LP” is a tribute to the classic Gibson LP-Style guitars. The tone is thick, the bolt on neck is easy to play and It’s Rose Gold over Sunburst relic’d matt finish looks great. 

One of the biggest features of these guitars (looks aside) is the fact that they have been expertly set-up here in our workshop. The fretwork, action, intonation and general playability  leaves most of the guitars we see in this price point for dead. 

Maple Neck, Rosewood Fretboard. 
10-46 Blacksmith Strings. 
Switchcraft USA Jack socket. 

Made to be played. There is no need to be precious with this beast! The custom finish is already relic’d, stickered up and ready for riffs.

All X-Custom guitars come with an Xtreme gig bag. 

Talk to us about our guitar package bundle including Amp, strap, lead, gigbag & tuner. 

Don't forget these...